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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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there's something part of the public housing authority and hud the rental demonstration program that that's a demonstration program the more success we have here demonstrates this can be done and serves the model to the nation so we take pride if what this means to our residents and individual families those who have lived no public housing will continue to do so and the fact we have affordable housing is part of it and we have the market rate by none of the units were distributed that way it was very shall we say democratic's if i can say that. so congratulate everyone that has anything to do with it ali is a champion so thank you
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effective from the start supervisor cowen and to mechanic thank you for your allowing us here and joaquin i'm happy to see you having the roll and again secretary welcome to san francisco. i'm going to say something about jon stewart over the years across the city he's been committed to affordable housing being a partner in public housing as well as the mixed use that's there so thank you not only for a today but a lifetime of commitment to the housing in san francisco. jon stewart. i do want to commend our president this is his department of hud and the rest wanted to see what really worked and we
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know how proud of the collaboration we've also had in san francisco i'm happy to report to him we want to report this not only in san francisco but cross the country so residents as i enjoy our new home that receptors your dignity knows that you there the collaboration you gave us to do this right is going to serve other people across the country that enables to us do the same i join you mayor in expressing the sadness in susan value, of course, your respect is for
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them. seems like yesterday we were here from the groundbreaking and the developers deserve a great amount of credit it goes to show you what a sense of community can do and remember in that word community is the word unit. we come together and find our consensus our goals and respect for the people who we serve the unit i didn't have purpose is something that maximums san francisco great thanks to edge who's concerned here today (clapping.) thank you leader pelosi i'd like to bring to the stage who partnerships with all of us supervisor cowen >> good morning it's a beautiful spring day i want to
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share information not long ago we broke ground in 2010 at the site but earlier this year we break ground at the senior seminar the george center and no lesson e less than that we droug on the asian park we're on a role ladies and gentlemen, and every step of the way we've had leader pelosi and mayor ed lee. so thank you. just want to start that off with a fact of history back in 2007 this very site this very development was named the worst housing development by the federal government urban department by hud in a relatively short amount of time we're here going from worse to
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best. just like everything we do in san francisco we do it the best because we're the best and important to, know who we work for the best resident in the city and county of san francisco (clapping) where the delipidated and uninhabitable temporary housing once stood we see beautiful brand new structural sound housing where families will have is peace of mind knowing their children will play in stave green spaces in their neighborhood. the mayor said we're delivering a promise not only to rebuild the housing we're delivering on but it's a promise to rebuild a community that's what is most
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important. a promise to instill dignity in a neighborhood and more importantly in the people. this groundbreaking represents the rival of a neighbor and the nexus been all the projects from the shipyard to candle stick to the tee line. this was once thriving community has been fighting for improvements for years and i'm proud to say we're back on track we're claiming our victory. now is not a time to get comfortable this is just the beginning. there's a lot of work that needs to be done today, we celebrate the completion of one hundred and 7 homes and tomorrow we celebrate asian pacific islander list griffin and after that sunny value and the katrero
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hill. i want to thank the mayor for the investment in the community - itself up here i'm sorry. i want to thank leader pelosi for her devotion to san francisco to john stewart and the housing corporation none of this would be possible and tiffany with the infrastructure as well as the commissioners, thank you. again, i want to thank entrepreneurs community partners and the san francisco foundation and welcome back our brother fred blackwell and director olsen lee. and also want to recognize the executive director of the housing authority barbara taylor smith. thank you barbara i know you've had quite a year and at least i
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want to thank the hunter's view residents thank you so much for being patient. and recognize the hunter tenants association and as we help our people with walk it's a new organization that's been be born out of the entire process. to our housing authority and commissioners thank you very much for your services and mothers against crime we wouldn't be her without you and uplift our educational macomb x institution and we wouldn't be here for the leadership of then mayor gavin newsom and my predecessor between the two of them i also want to welcome the secretary back to san francisco thank you for being here. and thank you, everyone
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(clapping.) as we've heard so far take the village i was to invite our next village person secretary thank you. now we'll do the ymca. so good morning to you all. thank you congresswoman and supervisors and mayor and residents for the invitation to celebrate this grand opening. i bri bring you greetings from governor jerry brown we're a part and champion of hunter's view what you see was financed through public-private partnerships which combine government resources and private
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financing to facilitate the construction of new affordable housing >> market rate housing using initiative design material. in collaboration with the community members the residents of hunters view the city of san francisco they created a vision to have parks and playgrounds a teen center and computer learn center and childcare center and everything we wish for. california's investment in the project totals $50 million this includes two multiple housing program loans for phase one and two we'll be back for phase two and the information infrastructure grant that helps to support the infrastructure
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that includes the replacement and up grad of on entire utility system and reconfiguration of the streets and open space that's a fundamental understanding you need to redo what wasn't done well or outdated are. that was the vision of the residents so say this is what created the opportunity for all of us to come together and deliver the pieces that made the project financially possible. but the neighborhood would not be here today without the financial support and participation of each of the partners. it took a community to incision the project. in conclusion, i want to take a moment to introduce the staff.
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north america define ford and another lee mr. mayor. jean and ken holder all over there (clapping.) congratulation to the residents and the financial institution and other for your commitment to this project. thank you (clapping.) all right. as we continue with the program you know hunter's view represents our annual program we have other will sf sites we couldn't do that without our financial parpdz i'd like to introduce richard from city capital >> thank you very much. congresswoman and supervisor cowen and other. it is a everyone here knows
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about this project but i can tell you around the city and country people are not familiar with that every time i tell people i'm coming to hunter's view i got a love of eyebrows but the cab driver who dpropd me off thinks this is incredible and i want to add my congratulations to the city and state and good friends of jon stewart and i want to thank mine staff brian who unfortunately wouldn't be her today. but most importantly i want to congratulate the resident of hunters view i know from the past of cutting ribbons how
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important and life changing a project like this can be public utilities i'm sure i've been reading a lot of stories and hearing about the high cost of housing in the united states particle san francisco i think the new york times talked about this there's no deity. i have less support from the government because of budget we finance projects all over the united states and there isn't a city in the united states that don't more to help residence particularly in the protecting than the city and county of san francisco. you have a lot to be proud of you want to congratulate you for a fantastic project and thank you for inviting me here today.
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>> you all doing all right. the next speakers with one of our partners in crime he and i worked tireless also ferry the sf project i'd like to invite rich from the enterprise partners to join us >> thank you honestly i'm not sure which view is better i'm glazing at the city and turnout and s see this magnitude project. one the drawbacks of being the last speakers is everything has been said but there are definitely some clear themes that are important here and it's throughout the speakers and the
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history of hope sf about that keeping projects and that's been said a second one is patients. and while the residents shouldn't need to have pains that's one of the keystones of hope sf we can joke at enterprise the shirts are more expensive than we can image. one of the things a theme through all of this is tromg lives. we have some of the worse housing in the country her and some of the most isolated families and seniors we must take responsibility in san francisco. another theme that's important is about government could go what government does best and i want to say that clearly mayor
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ed lee has lead this initiative speaking pelosi has led the federal government. we've had help in every level of government that's critical it proves what government can do and should be doing. that's exciting the other pieces that's important it be a private and public commitment. someone said it takes a village and while a lot of people say that it takes a entire city my country. i'm wearing 3 hats my enterprise hat and the campaign for sf which we started and had a key partner to bring in the philanthropy because it takes a city to do this we bring in
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local and national fountains and there were 3 initial groups that came into the campaign early and said i get is the san francisco foundation is one and the bank of america is the third one they understood this is a community and the idea of patience this is going up to take a long time. in the important. to see that enterprise calls this the most important initiative in san francisco and actually i've said enterprise we're a national organizations but we look forward not only housing but transforming lives and community. we've expanded in the bay area because of the hope.
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and the investor we're the investors for bank of america and let me say they took a big risk you had to have a sense of vision to look at what was here before to see that cross the street and say we're in this and we believe the mayor and we believe the city government and that's really important. so i want to thank everyone involved for allowing enterprise and the campaign to be a piece of this and congratulate jon stewart and rich they've stuck through this like no one can 33 and i understand how incredibly difficult projects like this are congratulations and thank you for allowing us to be part of this (clapping.) so all morning long you've heard
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folks it talk about why we're here i represent those folks in the community so why don't we hear from one of the residents, please come to the stage >> man god is good. so my name is p j i'm the member of the host and activities committee i'm also a hunters view pier leader and a a long time resident. i did live in hunters view and on the 26 of this month i'm in a new location. i thank you mayor ed lee and nancy pelosi and i want to thank you guys and the city and county of san francisco. i am looking forward to having
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new memories with my families and i'm sure you are too. change it coming if you're not ready for the change get with the program it's coming so everybody needs to get with it. another group i want to thank is the ymca they've been doing nothing but helping our residents in transferring to the other locations. thank you to hope and activities activities thank you so much for the work you've done federal or state for the community. it's funny that nancy pelosi brought ate unit i didn't. and it's going to happen i'm not sure saying every is perfect but not anything that can be changed in the near future.
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thank you all the residents i love my new place i hope you love yours. from my living room it's the best have you up in hunter's view. thank you so much (clapping.) i'm so sorry for our last speaking that has to follow that. however, i would like to introduce our mr. jon stewart. oh, my god see you all i need to look at the program. indeed. so jack garden is going to come up here and talk about this from the jon stewart company (clapping.) well, that's what you get when you work for a company that's
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named after a man they call all of us jon stewart all the time and it was producing for me when someone called him jack. let's rearrange the next time for speakers thank you ymca so i'm honored to be able to say i was one of the village people with the leader the speaking and mayor and bust a circled move on behalf of everybody up here. thanks to mechanic and thanks to the mayor and commissioner torres and nancy pelosi and all the previous speakers for their comments and support it's hard to revoke all the supporters we're very honored to have the housing authority and
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commissioners and former ocii commissioners the director of planning and so many help us celebrate the grand opening of the new hunter's view. phase one we're celebrating here today one hundred and 7 brand new units is 14 percent of new unit that are going to be developed and hunters view. just this week i signed the contract to begin the infrastructure next door another one hundred and 7 toward the project. block 10 which is is a 72 more units that includes childcare and resident library and more social serve spice a mining that any park almost 40 percent of the new hunters view is complete
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under construction or well on it's ways to fruition so give it up. those are all affordable units all 2 hundred plus, it's a testimonial to the cities commitment to put the resident first but fast tracking the old replacement of the eyewitnesses united and get the folks into their new unit as quickly as possible as you can see from the long partners program this is truly a group effort and long labor of love. which is the way it needed to be. as president johnson said on the passage of the civil rights act of 1964 the only success worst having a success chufd together. we got this done the only way it
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could get down together. so thank you. again to our elected officials for their vision and listener. thank you to our furnished for their flexibility and money. thank you to our architect dan and paulette and contractors our subcontractors the many participatpartners thank you, john i didn't lee and andrew and rich nonprofit larry and cassandra and other board members i want to recognition thank you to everybody at our jon stewart company especially john and our senior vice
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presidents and regional director and vice president especially vice president of demonstrate margaret miller all of whom (clapping) for both also choosing optimistic the court: thank you. p j and all the residents for hanging in there with us and they're ongoing support and for their faith that we could get this and future phases of hunters view done. so, please join us after the ceremony for refreshments and tours up in our beautiful community room and thank you all of you for be able her and to quote the mayor welcome to the
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new hunter's view (clapping) thank you >> all right. a that's a wrap you all. do visit the facilities i want to personally thank margaret miller for the organization of this lovely event. thank you all for joining us >> when the new california academy of sciences opened in
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2008, it quickly became one of the top tourist magnets in the city. part of the cal academies' astronomical success is the weekly nightlife party. >> i am joined by helen, who is here to school me on all the nocturnal activities that are getting ready to take place here. tell us a little about what we can expect to see at nightlife. >> we open up the doors every thursday night at the california academy of sciences. there are certain things you can see every week you can go to the museum, visit the planetarium, and we bring in bars and a deejay or band. it is a different feel from during the day, something different every week. tonight , we have beer and music. -- tonight we have great beer and music. it is beer week. we have a dozen local brewers in african hall. we have a deejays to set up
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throughout the museum and a live performance at 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> what has been your favorite part as a participant or as an observer? >> my favorite part is to walk around the aquarium in to see people with a drink in their hands, getting to know maybe somebody new, may be looking for a day, or chatting with friends. there jellyfish. i mean, they are beautiful. >> the culmination of the animals. >> it is very impressive. we do not have this at home. >> tell us a little about some of the spider's we see here on display. >> at the california academy of sciences, there is a very large collection of preserved and live specimens, which are the evidence about evolution. we have the assassin spiders, which are spiders that exclusively kill and eat other spiders. they are under the


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